MrPeter Cruwys

108 Munibung Road,
NSW 2284
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Source Separation Systems is an Australian family business passionate about sustainability. Established in 2007, the team have been at the forefront of Australia’s compostable packaging industry as it has expanded, providing a range of products under their leading Compost-A-Pak® brand. A well-established partner in Council FOGO programs, the team also manufacture a range of products in Australia from Post-Consumer Recycled Content, including Kitchen Caddies, and have developed unique FOGO distribution software.

The team share a goal to provide innovative waste diversion products, designed to connect Australians to a more sustainable future.

Under their Compost-A-Pak® brand, the business is best known for their Australian Certified Compostable Bin Liners, Commercial Singlet and Produce Bags, Satchels and Dog Waste Products.

The team also partner with customers to custom design and manufacture a range of Australian Certified Compostable products.