Ms Bonnie Tang

PO Box 439
Cherrybrook, NSW, 2126
Work: +61-0488233986

B&H Packaging Limited is owned and operated in Hong Kong for over a decade. We are a procurement specialist providing sourcing and exporting packaging products from Asia to Worldwide, such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK. In 2021, we further invested more resources by setting up a new branch office, B&H Packaging Pty Ltd in Sydney to better serve our Australian customers. With our phenomenal tailor-made packaging solutions and customer service, our customers are able to access the best suppliers in Asia for all kinds of products from a one-stop company.

Meanwhile, we are proud to present our sub-brand, TotalBio, which offers eco-friendly packaging solutions with the mission of creating a waste-free world. We are dedicated to provide our customers with options of the most sustainable products in the market and to reduce the negative impact on the planet.

As a procurement company that differentiates us from other members is our procurement knowledge on both compostable bags and traditional plastic bags. If your company is taking the first step to contribute to save the environment by switching to compostable products, we can help you to start from a small trial run at a lower cost. In a contrary, if compostable product is already in your product list, we could assist you widen the product ranges by our broad supplier network which offers lots of price competitive sources. Aside from our TotalBio bags, tailor made compostable products are also welcomed.

Compostable Products:

  • Mailer
  • Dog Waste Bag
  • Ziplock Sandwich Bag
  • Singlet Bag
  • Bin Liners
  • Star Seal Garbage Bag
  • Drawstring Garbage Bag
  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • Table Cloth

Other packaging products
Non packaging products