DualPakECO® trays are made of lightweight paperboard and coated with BASF’s biopolymer ecovio® PS 1606 Commercially compostable solution extends end-of-life options for paperbased food packaging and supports organics recycling Performance regarding processing, sealing, printability and strength on same level as conventional PET food trays Food trays can be used in microwave and conventional ovens, in […]

Person putting compostable packaging, a coffee cup and food scraps into a paper compost bin.

Compost Connect is a brand-agnostic and not-for-profit initiative that aims to divert organic waste from landfill by connecting foodservice businesses to composters and certified compostable packaging suppliers. Businesses can sign up by heading to the Compost Connect website, typing in their suburb or postcode, finding the nearest compost partner to them and requesting a quote […]