environmental impact at end-of-life


Certified Compostable Plastics


Wondering what your product or material should do to be able to claim conformance to the Australian Standards and be classified as certified compostable for industrial composting or for home composting?

Compostable Bioplastics can be composted in either Industrial Composting facilities or Home Composting. Compostable describes a plastic that meets the requirements of the Australian Standards AS 4736–2006  or AS 5810–2010, and is also independently certified as meeting the respective performance standards.

For products or packaging to be called compostable it has to biologically decompose and disintegrate in a composting system (under either commercial or home composting conditions) to set levels within a defined period of time. The compost must also meet specific quality criteria relating to ecotoxicity and other characteristics.

Compostable plastics reduce environmental impact at end-of-life.