Person putting compostable packaging, a coffee cup and food scraps into a paper compost bin.

Compost Connect is a brand-agnostic and not-for-profit initiative that aims to divert organic waste from landfill by connecting foodservice businesses to composters and certified compostable packaging suppliers.

Businesses can sign up by heading to the Compost Connect website, typing in their suburb or postcode, finding the nearest compost partner to them and requesting a quote to start their organic waste collection. Compost Connect club members can also get a free front-of-house compost bin and signage to let their customers know they are composting.

The platform also connects end users to responsible cafes and councils who compost, end users can find this by simply looking up their postcodes on the Compost Club Members Map.

Since the launch of the platform in May 2021, Compost Connect has achieved amazing results. They have partnered with 28 organic waste collectors across Australia and New Zealand and 18 distributors of compostable packaging.

A whopping 348 businesses have signed up and joined the Compost Club, participating in the diversion of an average of 2,700 Tons of organic waste per year.

Education on organics recycling and how composting fits into the circular economy, is a top priority for Compost Connect. Resources are shared via the blog, Facebook & Instagram and a

With an average of 6,000 website sessions per month and a gain of 8,915 followers on Social Media in the past year, it’s clear the topic of composting is rapidly gaining momentum.

Compost Connect also maps out councils providing Food Organics and Garden Organics
collection to their communities. From their latest study, out of the 536 councils in Australia, 108 currently offer a FOGO/green bin service to their residents, from which 73 accept compostable packaging. Check if your council offers composting on this page.

The next steps for this organisation are to grow the number of partnerships with composters and foodservice businesses, encourage councils to rapidly implement food organics collection, and to involve all stakeholders in the wider value chain, with the goal to develop Compost Connect as a true Product Stewardship for compostable packaging. Visit the website for more information and help fight climate change by composting!