Verification Programme




The ABA has launched a programme for verification of compostable materials and products to the requirements of: ISO 23517: 2021 Plastics — Soil biodegradable materials for mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture. The Soil Biodegradable logo clearly identifies and differentiates materials and products as biodegradable in soil. To be certified compostable and carry the Soil Biodegradable logo, suitable biopolymer materials must undergo a stringent test regime described in ISO 23517 and carried out by recognised independent accredited laboratories to the ISO 23517 standard.

Once successful testing is complete, an application for certification can be made to the ABA. The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the ABA contacted independent technical auditor. If successful, the applicant will be issued an individually numbered Certificate of Conformance and an invitation for licensed use of the ABA Soil Biodegradable logo by payment of nominal fee and signing a license agreement. Successful applicants will then be licensed to use the logo along with their unique certification number.

The Soil Biodegradable logo is a symbol that the product’s claims of biodegradability in soil as per ISO 23517 has been verified.

How to use the logo

Use of the Soil Biodegradable logo is available for use by both packaging material producers and their customers. The Soil Biodegradable logo can be printed on the finished product (eg. mulch films) to market the product’s compliance to ISO 23517. Use of the Soil Biodegradable logo will ultimately help the farmers, customers and/or other stakeholders to recognise soil biodegradable product and dispose of it accordingly. Importantly, the Soil Biodegradable logo will communicate the authenticity and independent verification of claims of compliance to ISO 23517.

Note: due to growing concerns around fluorinated chemicals, often referred to as perfluorinated or polyfluorinated alkyl substance (PFOA & PFAS) as a class of chemicals, the application form for verification to AS 4736, AS 5810 and ISO 23517 includes  clause C) The applicant confirms that no organic fluorinated chemicals, such as perfluorinated and polyfluorinated substances have been added to the material or product. If an applicant signs the application form and submits a product for verification which is subsequently found to not comply with that clause, no refund of the application fee will be made. Further information is available here.

Note: The verification fee structure has been updated. The new fees become effective on 1st June 2022.