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TIPA and PerfoTec partner to create compostable packaging that extends the shelf life of fresh produce by up to 2x

COMPOSTABLE packaging producer TIPA and shelf-life extension specialist PerfoTec have partnered to offer fully compostable packaging that extends the shelf-life of fresh produce. The resulting laser microperforated compostable film provides retailers and suppliers with the ideal packaging qualities to reduce food waste, combat plastic pollution and cut carbon emissions. TIPA and PerfoTec’s combined technologies have […]

The ABA supports ANZPAC

Too much plastic waste ends up in landfill and in our region’s natural environments. In Australia, only 18% of all plastic packaging is recovered for future use, while n New Zealand, 41% of recyclable plastic containers are sent to landfill. A similar situation is happening in the Pacific Islands, where over 300,000 tonnes of waste […]