The Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) Executive Team and Working Group Committees are made up of representatives of Member Companies. Elected annually by Members, the Executive Team determines the strategic direction of day-to-day operations at ABA.

The ABA Working Group Committees are represented by experts from member companies that volunteer their time. Currently two Working Group Committees exist, the Technical Committee and the Public Relations Committee. Other Committees may be established as needs of the market and Members determine.

The Association administers a voluntary verification scheme for companies and individuals wishing to have their claims of conformance to either of the current Australian Standards for Biodegradable plastics, Australian Standard 4736- 2006 and Australian Standard 5810-2010, being the performance Standards for commercial composting or home composting of biodegradable plastics, respectively.

The Technical Committee has a substantial role including administering technical elements of the Association’s verification program. The Technical Committee manages the communication with the Association’s technical auditor and the administrators of similar verification and Certification programs in other countries and jurisdictions. The Technical Committee, on behalf of Members, participates in Working Groups in other jurisdictions, such as the ASTM Working Group on Standard Developments. In this way, the Association’s Members are kept abreast of development and changes to relevant Standards in these other jurisdictions.

The Technical Committee also provides technical advice to Members and non-members alike, on such issues as oxo-fragmentable plastics, requirements of performance standards, the verification program requirements and communications with regulatory bodies as well as contributes to Association position or discussion papers for stakeholders.

The Public Relations Committee is the focal point for communication on issues relevant to Members and our Industry, government interests, local, state and Federal, environmental organisations and the public on issues relating to bioplastics. This Committee supports the Members of the Association in managing the communication of Association policy development, submissions, bioplastics developments, industry news and events.

The Executive

Technical Committee

PR Committee