A BioPak Customer Success Story

“We do not inherit the earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children.”

This well-known saying really encapsulates why Craig McLaren started Able-Pakk. He was a sheep farmer and while looking after his grand children once a week in 2009 he started to wonder what environmental challenges they would face as they grew up. He decided he wanted to actively contribute to their future by selling BioPak products.

He was our first distribution partner and today continues to deal exclusively with us, selling our entire range. Craig says,

“BioPak aren’t just providing top quality, sustainably sourced products they are providing positive change. In the last seven years there has been a massive uptake of sustainable practices from both businesses and consumers, and I am proud to provide Tasmania an authentically better alternative to plastic packaging.”

Able-Pakk works tirelessly to raise the profile of quality sustainable products, clearly communicating the message that for the future of the planet, people need to achieve ways of creating energy efficient and renewable processes and goods at every level – from small time operators through to large companies and events.

A perfect example of the community closing the loop is Hobart’s Farm Gate Market – they require all their stallholders to use BioPak packaging and provide green bins to collect it after to use. Our packaging and any organic waste is then processed by commercial compost company, Soils First, into high quality potting mix, available for sale.

“Together with BioPak and the community we can make sustainable choices towards a better future for all our children” says Craig.