Applications are now open for the annual Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) scholarship program for Australia and New Zealand. The scholarship program is run in partnership with the AIP.

The Scholarship program will enable one eligible candidate the opportunity to undertake a Diploma in Packaging Technology and a second person the opportunity to undertake a Certificate in Packaging.  Eligible Candidates will come from across food, beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the AIP will provide the winning candidates complimentary attendance at 3x training courses from the Institute’s education portfolio.

Diploma in Packaging Technology

Internationally recognised as the premier qualification in the packaging industry.

The Diploma in Packaging Technology is a Level 5 PIABC, 51-credit foundation degree-level qualification.  The newly developed course, based on the revised specification released in 2022, prepares learners to take responsibility for packaging operations at any level through the supply chain and can lead to higher level study. Diploma in Packaging Technology students come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, but they all share a desire to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the packaging industry.

According to the 2022 winner of the Diploma in Packaging Technology scholarship, Mark Saturnino, Packaging Specialist, Woolworths, he believes that he was very fortunate to be chosen as the recipient of the Scholarship and for the judges believing in his ability.

“Winning the Scholarship really was a pivotal moment in my career development as a Packaging Professional,” Mr Saturnino said.

I regard the Diploma in Packaging Technology as the key to accelerate my career on multiple fronts as I will be able to deepen and widen my packaging knowledge base and practical skills. With hard-work and diligence, I am optimistic that by bettering myself through the Diploma, I will be of better service to the industry as an internationally accredited and recognised Packaging Professional,

I strongly encourage everyone who is currently employed in materials and/or packaging to apply for the scholarship to take either the Diploma or the Certificate. Packaging is never static; It is in constant evolution at an accelerating rate. This means that there will always be something new to learn and experience about packaging, be it a novel material discovered, an innovative way of material processing, a breakthrough in packaging technology, a more inclusive design… I daresay the list is endless. If you are passionate about materials and packaging and have the desire for lifelong learning, even if you were unsuccessful in your first try to apply, I hope my words can somehow encourage you to apply again because trust me, I applied twice and it is worth it.” he said.


Certificate in Packaging

The ideal first qualification for those working in the packaging industry.

The Certificate in Packaging Technology is an introduction to the industry for those starting out on an exciting career in packaging. The Certificate in Packaging is a Level 3 PIABC course that is recognised as giving an excellent foundation in, and introduction to, the packaging industry. The new course, based on the revised specification released in 2022, provides a level of insight and understanding of the packaging industry that adds real and measurable value to careers and businesses.

Lea Reynolds, Commercialisation Manager, Steggall Nutrition added that

‘Winning the scholarship has emphasised that you don’t need to be working with the big conglomerates to make a difference and that every small contribution that I, and each one of us make will help to improve sustainability and to keep our planet safe for our future,’

Receiving the scholarship to undertake the Certificate in Packaging is so important to me as it helps to fill in knowledge gaps. Studying also allows me to keep up to date with accurate information to assist in educating and influencing others to make informed decisions about the best packaging options available for a better world.” she said.

AIP President’s Annual Scholarship 

The AIP President’s Scholarship has been designed to work in collaboration with the ABA program to help one additional person undertake either a Certificate in Packaging or a Diploma in Packaging Technology each year.  The Scholarship program will enable one eligible candidate the opportunity to undertake a Diploma in Packaging Technology or a Certificate in Packaging.  To be eligible, candidates must be an AIP Member and will come from across the entire industry in Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more about the criteria and the entry forms please visit