At the 2021 AGM, members of the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) voted to form the Agricultural Products Group to enable focus for those members who have interest in agricultural plastics applications which include the following.

  • Protective films
  • Piping, irrigation and drainage
  • Nets and mesh
  • Twine and ropes
  • Bagging
  • Storage trays
  • Labels.

Many thousands of tonnes of plastics waste is generated by the agricultural and horticultural industries in Australia. Most recent figures available are from Horticulture Australia which reports that in 2012-13, over 59,000 T of plastics was used in agriculture and horticulture in Australia while 3,800 T was recycled (1).

The bioplastics industry has products which are compostable and biodegradable,  made using renewable resources or both. Compostable and biodegradable plastics assist in facilitating organics recycling and reduction of waste to landfill, while durable plastics made using renewable resources and identical in all other ways to those made using fossil resources, can be recycled in the plastics recycling stream.

The Agricultural Products Group will continue the work done by the ABA with concentration on agricultural plastics applications where replacement with bioplastics can assist reduction in waste to landfill, microplastics generation and enable recycling within the conventional plastics recycling infrastructure.


(1) Final Report Innovative ways to address waste management on vegetable farms. Dr Anne-Maree Boland RMCG Project Number: VG13109

The Cardia BioPlastics team would like to welcome Deanna Crawshaw. Deanna joins the Cardia team as National Sales Manager responsible for Council and Retail business. She will play an instrumental role in supporting the next stage of growth for the Cardia Bioplastics business as Cardia seeks to accelerate plans to launch new brands in Australia and International markets.

Deanna comes to Cardia with many years’ experience in developing retail sales within the FMCG and consumer goods industry. Her knowledge extends to marketing and manufacturing, and she has worked across many products from cookware to organic skincare. With a degree in chemistry and a core competency in building strong working relationships, she is well positioned to become an important contributor to progressing the cause for Bioplastics.

Deanna is passionate about the global movement towards Bioplastics and the opportunity that working with Cardia provides to contribute towards this. Key to her role will be working with Councils to support the introduction of compostable bags as they adopt food diversion programs, diverting food waste from general waste to organic waste processors. Also, key will be working with Retailers to give consumers increased access to compostable products as they seek more sustainable alternatives to conventional PE-based products.

Deanna looks forward to working with the ABA and its members and AORA to progress the case for Compostable Product use and associated waste treatment infrastructure in the place of conventional plastics.

Cardia is excited to welcome Deanna to the team and looks forward to her contribution to this pivotal next phase of Bio Plastics growth.